General FAQs

ClickTR is the biggest affiliate platform of Turkey! We provide game-changing solutions for the e-commerce marketing
industry, together with a deep understanding of unique, localized needs. We can lead you step by step into the world of
affiliate marketing and ensure that your quality content will earn you money.

We have built strong relationships with the leading local advertisers and publishers to ensure offers and traffic sources
no other network can provide.
We, at ClickTR, are passionate about your success.
Be a member, generate more profit, and empower your future. (read more)

If you own a website or other assets such as an app, social media platform or a blog and would like to earn money by
promoting brands, products, and services, you are a publisher, also known as an “affiliate”.
If you are a company with an online store and offer goods or services through your website, and would like publishers
and affiliates to promote you on their website in exchange for commissions, you are an advertiser.

It is all free to join ClickTR. SIGN UP HERE.

There is no risk whatsoever. ClickTR is a win/win performance-based collaboration.

We’d love to hear from you and can be contacted by email or by telephone +90 0212 444 22 22.

By opening up a free ClickTR account, you will be given access to all the Advertisers within our network enabling you to
see all of their products and compensation deals.

We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to fraud. We use the most advanced fraud prevention systems which can
identify even the most complex fraud behavior in real-time, so it can be dealt with immediately.

Key to your success is the quality of your content, presentation of your products, optimization of your website and of
course potential customers visiting your site/blog/page. Your success will be reflected by the time and determination
invested by you into reaching your key milestones.

You can join ClickTR Here. You will then need to enter your details in easy steps

To update your details, go to My Account -> Account Details.
Click on –xx? icon to edit your information.

To view and update your billing details, go to My Account > Billing.
Click on -xx? icon to edit your billing information.
To see information on your invoice and payment history, scroll down.
To view individual invoice details, go to the Invoices section and click on entries in the Statements column. To view
individual payment receipt details, go to the Payments section and click on entries in the Payment column.

You need an active website URL, blog page, Youtube page, Facebook page, Instagram page, Twitter page, etc. in order to
sign up.

You can reach us for more details

Affiliate Registration FAQs

It is likely that you have previously signed up for a publisher account and only one account is permitted per email
address. Update your password HERE and then login using your existing account.

The following examples of traffic sources are not allowed on ClickTR:
Traffic from pop-up/pop-under marketing.

Sites which promote pornography, gambling, hate or any illegal activity.
Sites using typosquatting (typo errors in the URL) to mislead the public.
Publishers who inappropriately use the Advertiser’s brand name.
Sites which use search terms including a trademarked name without written consent from the brand.

There are a variety of reasons why your affiliate application may have been denied:
Domain issues – the website URL that you have provided is invalid, exists on a blacklist, or is suspicious for some other
Site issues – your site is showing no (or very little) traffic or the traffic is irrelevant (not from our target countries). Your
site is being used to promote through pop-ups/unders and/or PPC marketing.
Duplicate Information -there is already a publisher at ClickTR with some of the information you used to sign up: same IP,
name, email, physical address or phone number.

Affiliate Payment FAQs

We offer the most trusted, on-time payouts in the industry. Depending on the size of your payment, we pay to affiliates
in every 15 days to the bank accounts that they have shared in their ClickTR account.

Payments are released once advertisers have validated conversions.
Affiliate payments are available 15 days after the Advertiser release funds to us and assuming your payment threshold
has been met.

Yes, payments are made to affiliates when they cross 100TRY threshold.
A monthly balance of less than 100TRY, will be rolled-over to the following month and paid with the next month’s

Any disqualified actions, such as cancellations, returns, chargebacks, or negative balances will be deducted from the
next month’s payment.

Affiliate Interface FAQs

Login to your ClickTR account and click on the "Offers" tab, then navigate to “Browse/Search”.–??
In the search form you have several filter options which can narrow down the list of advertisers. You are able to filter
these results by: Keywords,Country, Payout Range,
Channels, Operating System, Incentive,
Vertical, Conversion Method, Media Type, Category
To narrow your search to only those offers with clicks over the last 7 days, click on the Live Offers option.
For further information open the Basic Tutorial

1) Choose an advertiser you wish to promote at the ”Offers” page.
2) Before running an offer, you must first agree to the advertiser terms and conditions.
3) Choose the landing page you wish to send traffic to. For sending traffic to a specific page or product -review the
Starter Tutorial
4) Copy the offer’s link from the grey window above – “Your Tracking Link”
5) Paste the tracking link in your media channel, website, blog, etc.

Note: Manual customization links will not be tracked.

We use cookies to track advertiser sales and leads.
When a user clicks on your affiliate link a small text file is written, a "cookie", to the user's browser. This cookie holds
your affiliate ID, which can be identified at the advertisers order page to credit for referred sales.
The cookie that records your affiliate ID will last for as long as the advertiser set in their terms and conditions.

Yes, you can choose your prefered advertiser landing page by using a Smart Link (Deep link) that will bring your visitor
directly to the page you’ve chosen to promote, rather than to the Advertiser’s homepage.This will shorten your visitor’s
journey and thus, improve conversions.

1) Choose the Advertiser you want to promote from Offers: Browse/Search.
2) Go to the Advertiser's site and choose a product to promote to your audience.
3) Copy the product URL from the advertiser’s site.
4) In the Advertiser page at “Customize Your Tracking Link” section, select “Add Deep Link”.
5) Paste the URL in the “Add Deep Link” window
6) Click on the “+”
7) Now your Deep Link is ready in “Your Tracking Link” window above.

View tutorial

Affiliate Marketing FAQs

You can earn money by promoting specific products in exchange for a commission from the earnings. If the users you
sent then convert to actions like sales or registrations then you will receive commission for these actions.

Example: An online fashion site offers 7% commission for every item purchased. You own a blog page about fashion and
write an article about the store in your blog with a link to the store. For every user that clicks on the link and then
purchase an item, you will receive a 7% commission on the value of the purchase.

You can promote your affiliate links, in numerous channels, for example:
● Blog
● Email list or newsletter
● Facebook post
● Twitter post
● Instagram post/story
● Snapchat post
● Youtube video
Whatsapp/ Telegram group

A cookie (also known as a web cookie) is a piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user's computer by the
user's web browser.
The cookie store information like user preferences, registration information, and shopping cart contents.
When someone comes to your website and clicks on your affiliate link, a cookie is placed on their browser. That cookie is
used to remember the link the visitor clicked on. Even if they leave your site and come back later to make a purchase,
you will still get credit for the purchase and receive a commission.
The cookie duration is set on the advertiser terms and conditions.

The cookie’s duration, also known as “cookie life,” depends on the advertiser and will be set on the advertiser terms and
For example, if the cookie life is 10 days, when someone clicks on your affiliate link, you’ll be paid a commission if they
make a purchase within 10 days of the click for any purchase they made.

There is no commitment. You reserve the right to stop promoting a single or all of our offers at any time.

Affiliate Report FAQs

It is possible to view an overview of your statistics or an in depth analysis through the selection of reports within the
ClickTR dashboard.
The reports are located within your account under “REPORTS” tab in the menu.
The Reports category contains 3 different types of reports: view tutorials
1. “Performance Report” – an overall view of your results (clicks, conversions, and payouts).
2. “Conversion Report” – a review of each individual transaction that’s been made. The conversion report provides
in-depth info on individual conversions: offer data, user data collected, sub IDs, transaction IDs, time of
conversion, and so on.
3. “Saved Reports” – review all your customized reports that you have chosen to save for future reference.

Go to the “Performance Report” under the “REPORTS” tab in your ClickTR dashboard.
In the performance report, you can see how your clicks, conversions, and payouts change over time.
you can customize your report according to your needs. This allows you to best see and analyze your data in ways
meaningful to YOU. For further information about report customization open the Basic Tutorial
The “Report Summary” provides a quick numerical look of totals of all your offers.
The table below it, breaks down the numbers for each offer.
View “Performance report” tutorial

You can customize your report according to your needs. This allows you to best see and analyze your data in ways
meaningful to YOU. For further information about report customization open the Basic Tutorial

Contact with support team.

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